Ann Arbor’s Woody Allen mural has been defaced again

ANN ARBOR, MI – Ann Arbor’s Woody Allen mural was defaced for the second time this year.

The mural with the writer and filmmaker on the corner of Liberty Street and State Street was destroyed with the phrase “rape scum”. An MLive photographer took pictures of the graffiti Wednesday morning.

Ann Arbor Police Department said no one reported the vandalism. The builder Jeff Hauptman, CEO of Oxford Companies, could not be reached for comment on Wednesday.

“The Bookstore Mural,” as it is called, was painted in 1984 by artist Richard Wolk outside Discount Records, now the Potbelly Sandwich Shop, and David’s books. In addition to Allen, Edgar Allan Poe, Hermann Hesse, Franz Kafka and Anais Nin can be seen.

Talks about replacing Woody Allen in the Ann Arbor mural resumed after a new documentary

Ever since a new HBO documentary series aired that revisited the 1992 allegations that Allen molested his 7-year-old daughter, the question of whether to remove him from the mural has re-emerged and Allen’s picture has been in the March with a spray painted X and disfigured the word “rapist”.

The question of who could replace Allen continues to be a topic of discussion in online forums.

Some of the many other suggestions from the Ann Arbor Townies! Discussions include poets Amanda Gorman and Maya Angelou, science fiction writer Octavia Butler, novelists Toni Morrison and Ayn Rand, and Joe Dart, bassist for the funk group Vulfpeck, which originated in Ann Arbor.

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