Detroit woman battles with city for years to get blighted house demolished

Detroit woman angry with rotten house next door

For about a decade, Maxine Jones has been fighting with the city of Detroit to destroy a destroyed house next to it.

A Detroit woman who has lived next to a ruined vacant house for 10 years hopes something will be done about it soon.

Maxine Jones, who has lived in her home for 47 years, has been battling the city for years to demolish the house on Seymour Street.

FOX 2 wrote a story about the house five years ago. At the time, the city said it wasn’t part of a program that was about to be demolished, but they got on. It then went to the land bank, with records showing it sold for $ 1,000.

“The Land Bank is just selling these places to every damned body they can to get the money and get it off the hit list, knowing that that person can’t afford to rehabilitate this house,” Jones said .

She said she spoke to the owner of the house but seemed a bit naive.

“I said, ‘What about your tenants?’ She said, “Which tenants?” I said, ‘Raccoons and squirrels and possums, OK,’ “said Jones.

The phone number given for the owner is disconnected.

The land bank said a third and final warning was given to the owner to clean up the house. When buyers shop at the Landbank, there is an agreement that they must adhere to. If the owner does not respond to the city by Thursday, he will begin taking the house back.

“It has to be gone,” said Jones.

Land Bank said most of the houses it sells are desperate because they have been vacant for so long. However, since 2014, 5,300 renovations have been carried out.

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