Alleged armed robbery suspect lead police on chase from Detroit to New Baltimore


Several law enforcement agencies worked to arrest a suspect wanted for armed robbery after police began in Detroit and ended in New Baltimore.

The 30-minute chase ended around noon on December 31, after the driver allegedly drove in the wrong lane of the M-59 prior to the accident.

According to the New Baltimore Police Department, they managed to slow the suspect’s vehicle before a “pit maneuver” incapacitated it.

The police chase is related to an alleged armed robbery of a postal worker. The United States Postal Service has confirmed that they are investigating the robbery on one of their workers and have been in contact with Detroit police.

The chase ended shortly after 12 noon on Green Street in front of a Dairy Queen on Friday.

The suspect was arrested without further incident.

According to the police, a youth was found unharmed in the passenger seat.

A firearm was also found and recovered from inside the vehicle.

The Detroit Police Department will investigate the robbery while the New Baltimore Police Department has been assigned to handle the crash.

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