31-year-old hospitalized after being shot by Detroit police inside gas station

DETROIT – A 31-year-old man was hospitalized after being shot by Detroit police officers in a gas station in the east of the city.

Police said the victim was hit several times on Thursday (December 30th) at 7 p.m. at a BP petrol station between Harper and Gratiot Allee.

“They (police officers) observed a person in the gas station who displayed suspicious behavior. The officers went up to the person and spoke to them, “said Detroit deputy police chief David LeValley.

LeValley said officials said the 31-year-old man rolled cannabis in a cigar paper. When the officers approached the man, they tried to leave.


At the time, police said the officer and the suspect had got into a physical altercation.

“When he freed himself from the officers, he drew the pistol from his waistband. Two officers fired shots, several shots at the person, ”LeValley said.

LeValley said he believed seven shots were fired at the 31-year-old. This is the third police involvement shootout in recent weeks.

“You know, I don’t know what necessarily makes people do what they do, but we see a lot more guns on the streets than ever before. So the officers are forced to deal with it, ”LeValley said.

Rescue workers took the 31-year-old to the hospital. He is listed in a temporary serious condition.

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