Why The World’s Water Scarcity Matters Right here, Now

Posted by Beth Milligan | March 15, 2021

What happens if the taps run dry?

This is one of the key questions J. Carl Ganter will ask on Thursday, March 18 at 5:00 p.m. at an event for the International Affairs Forum (IAF) of Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) entitled “Global to Local: Climate Change, Water and Food. “The event will examine how issues such as water scarcity, pollution and climate variability can affect everything from the agricultural supply chain to global conflict.

Ganter was born and raised in Traverse City. He is a well-respected photojournalist whose work has featured from Newsweek to Rolling Stone. He is also the founder of Circle of Blue, a journalistic organization that seeks to shed light on global issues affecting “Water, Food and Energy in a Changing Climate”. His IAF presentation will take attendees from the favelas of São Paulo, Brazil to the streets of Jakarta, Indonesia, combining Ganter’s firsthand accounts with photos that summarize growing crises related to water accessibility, scarcity and pollution.

“It’s easy to get stuck in numbers and summaries when discussing issues like water and climate change,” said Ganter of his presentation. “My mission is to connect the dots on the ground to the topics and then make those stories relevant to everyone, whether it’s kids in a classroom or global leaders on a big forum stage.”

In this week’s Northern Express, sister publication of The Ticker, writer Craig Manning catches up with Ganter ahead of his IAF event to learn about the global impact of water scarcity, the potential consequences of not responding to the topic, and the reasons why the locals in Northern Michigan started discuss now watch out. The Northern Express can be read online or picked up for free at any of nearly 700 locations in 14 northern Michigan counties.


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