Observations from Day 2 of Detroit Lions training camp apply.

Long shots: Not only wide receivers try to catch deep balls in the end zone. Do the same with defensive backs as well. The Lions defensive backs spent part of Monday’s training catching balls thrown into the air by the Kanne machine. Jeff Okudah made one of the best catches. To make matters worse, assistant coach Aubrey Pleasant waved his hands in front of Okudah. – Mike O’Hara

Pocket-sized presence: I always like to see how coaches perform their individual position periods and what kind of exercises and props they use to help their players. I glanced at the quarterback drills at the beginning of each phase of training and noticed coaches tossing a giant medicine ball at the quarterbacks while their focus was on the receiver. It simulated moving around in your pocket and feeling pressure while looking at the field. – Tim Twentyman

Run it: That’s what the running backs did. Once in the clear, run all the way to the end zone. For those who will remember, Barry Sanders did this in practice as part of his personal conditioning. In games that counted, he stormed 99 touchdowns. – Mike O’Hara

Two in defense: Monday was the second training session in a row that the defense registered an interception. Saturday was cornerback Jerry Jacobs. Linebacker Anthony Pittman got into the action on Monday. It looked like quarterback David Blough had never seen Pittman as he fell back and landed right before a throw meant for a close end over the middle. Pittman had almost made a choice in training on Saturday too, but he didn’t hold on to it. – Tim Twentyman

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