We requested. You have answered. Here are the Ann Arbor women who inspired you.

ANN ARBOR, me. – Ann Arbor has some really inspiring women. From previous historians to those currently changing the community for the better, women in Tree Town have had a tremendous impact on our lives.

They are our mom, sisters, friends, cousins, neighbors, cooks, business owners, managers, co-workers, community leaders, doctors, educators, faith leaders, protest organizers, and more.

For Women’s History Month, we asked which women from across town inspire you.

Aubrey Patino

“Aubrey runs a phenomenal organization, Avalon Housing. She is a tireless advocate of housing as a law. Avalon grows under her leadership and builds on the work of founding director Carole McCabe. Aubrey is compassionate, professional, articulate, and very knowledgeable. Housing is a complex service that can be funded from a variety of sources and supporting tenants. Renters often come with chronic illness, poverty and a myriad of problems. Leadership requires a balance between content-based expertise and true love and concern for frontline employees who serve the most vulnerable people in our community. Aubrey wears everything off exquisitely. “- Deb V.


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Patrice DuBose

“Patrice is a local resident, writer, and pastor. She leads Back to Family Ministry and conducts a Bible study in the ward where everyone is welcome, regardless of denomination. She is very committed to her local community with many local charities. At every holiday or community event – she makes sure that the children are not forgotten – collects school supplies, distributes backpacks filled with these materials, distributes winter coats and much more. I could go on and on, suffice to say, your community senses your presence and is grateful for you. “- Dawn C.

Nicole Beverly

“She has helped many on a personal level and worked at the state level to request changes in address confidentiality. Her greatest job is working with teenagers helping them identify and respond to the red flags of abuse at this most vulnerable age. “- Sally S.


DR. Felicia Brabec

“She’s an amazing mother who happened to get involved in politics a few years ago. She first served as the Washtenaw County Commissioner. She is a licensed psychologist who has grown to be a notable mental health advocate in the state of Michigan. In 2020 she was elected to the House of Representatives. She has also worked with Food Gatherers to help our neediest neighbors. She fights for issues that deeply affect our local communities and our state. I wouldn’t be surprised if it continued to increase its recognition or positive impact. “- Laura H.

“She is an amazing inspiration! She really cares about everyone, not just with words but also with deeds! She’s a great mom, friend, and neighbor. Don’t think twice about going out of the way to help someone. She was a wonderful inspiration for my daughters and showed them that they can achieve anything they want in life! Not to mention everything she did for Washtenaw Co., now on Lansing! “- Angie MK


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Carol Seidl

“She is a soft, intelligent, kind, expansive family woman. She raised 3 great, talented children and has been happily married for over 30 years. They still act like darlings and take care of their families – the individuals and their dreams. She is modest, private and can still assert herself in conversation without being arrogant. She sets a good example and even followed her own passion of learning French and one day living in France for a while. She is now blogging about French culture and despite graduating from U of M in Computer Science, she is a super writer! “- Carol G.


Marsha guts

“Marsha Mumm has directly influenced the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of young women (young men, women, families) in the Ann Arbor Area. I met Marsha over 20 years ago as a young 13-year-old newbie. Marsha was my supervisor as a referee at Ann Arbor Rec Ed. I learned a lot from her then and so much more since then. Marsha’s mentoring and investment in me at such a young age gave me confidence and a passion for youth / community sports that now encompasses my professional goals. I currently work for AAPS, have trained A2 elementary, middle and university sports for over 15 years, am an active member of the A2 community and am currently doing my Master of Science in sports management. I honestly owe Marsha Vimes the course of my life, and she doesn’t even notice – and I know I’m not the only one who has influenced her so deeply.


Marsha Mumm has inspired students, players, youth and families of all kinds through her 40 years of leadership at Ann Arbor Rec Ed, 32 years of teaching at Greenhills School in Ann Arbor and her myriad connections to leisure, exercise and wellness initiatives at Area A2.

There is so much more that Marsha was (and still is) involved in and touched upon. These are just a few notable personalities from one of the many with whom it resonated. I hope you have the opportunity to see or speak to Marsha. She is a force worth following. “- Jamielyn GK

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Hajirah and Ayesha Nadeem

“At ages 14 and 16, these sisters took on the role of teaching disadvantaged girls coding, cybersecurity, AI, and many basic STEM-related skills. As 2nd degree black belt holders, they also encourage Muslim girls to play sports, especially martial arts. Both have spent nearly 1,000 hours promoting autism, running green / green projects, partnered with AAACF and YCF to fund local organizations, tutoring, mentoring the middle school robot team, and leading the Michigan Computing League capital leaders . You have served as a youth counselor for Ypsilanti District libraries advocating social justice and mental health solutions for youth in Washtenaw County. You have helped bring visible Muslim women into the library’s BLM and anti-racism functions. They have won multiple local and national awards for community service, including the United Way Washtenaw County Service Award and the Presidential Volunteer Service Award Gold. “- Khadija


Jenn Cornell Queen

“Jenn is passionate about her community, inspires others to get better, and is both a coach and role model for young women – especially their daughters. She is a no-nonsense speaker who walks the path and blames herself for making the world around her better. “- Laura B.

Hilary Garton

“It’s always a pleasure to be with her. Use her 100% in everything she does. Is very kind and generous to everyone she meets. “- Sandra S.

Mother Abramzon

“She has been the director of the Jewish Family Services in Washtenaw County for over 25 years. She has seen the agency grow to support the county’s population with refugee services, food insecurity, transportation to doctor visits, assisting older adults, and more. She is a visionary in the way she can see and respond to problems, and during COVID, she has helped the agency help through virtual engagement and has worked with food collectors to provide meals when people are out of the pantry could come. She’s great, a real community collaboration leader. “- Susan S.


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