Volunteers canvass Detroit neighborhood where woman was raped

Detroit – The police have already searched the neighborhood. Now it was the turn of the citizens.

On Saturday, several dozen volunteers and community activists dispersed in a neighborhood in the west where a woman was sexually assaulted.

The recruiters distributed flyers and asked local residents if they knew anything about the attack.

“We need to see if the streets talk,” said one of the volunteers, Martin Jones, vice chairman of the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners.

On Sunday, a 63-year-old woman was sexually assaulted near an empty church on Joy Road and North Martindale Street, police said. The beaten and partially clothed woman was spotted by a passerby who heard her cries for help.

On Saturday the volunteers gathered next to the Christ Church’s Free Full Truth Fellowship on a cold afternoon with a light drizzle.

The empty church on Joy Road and North Martindale Street.

Another volunteer, Eric Ford, president of the Detroit 300, said the crime was reprehensible.

“It’s sad. We all have family members. That could have been our mother, our aunt,” he said.

Ford said he and the other recruits were determined to catch the rapist.

“We need boots on the floor,” he said. “We go house by house, block by block.”

Jones said everyone in town should band together to fight such crimes.

“I am outraged on behalf of the entire community,” he said. “Nobody should have to go through what she did.”

Some recruiters learned from neighbors that the neighbors sometimes see lights in the building at night while the church is empty.

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