Detroit police officers rescue 4 kidnapped children after traffic stop


Detroit cops Flannel and Parrish. Photo courtesy of the DPD Eighth Precinct Community’s Facebook page.

Detroit police officers rescued four young children who were abducted earlier this week, the department said in a Facebook post on Thursday.

The discovery came during a traffic control of a car that was driven through a red light by two officers from the eighth district. The driver told them she was in a hurry to get the children aged 6-10 to school.

When asked which school they attend, the driver “couldn’t give a good answer,” according to the post on the Eighth district community page said.

“They escorted her out of the car and asked the child, simply about the oldest child, 10 years old, ‘Do you know this woman?’ The 10-year-old shook his head, no, “it says in the post.

Officers Flannel and Parrish arrested the driver while DPD found that they had kidnapped the children on their way to school and forced them into their vehicle.

“These two officers were excellent at investigating police forces. This enabled them to get a kidnapper off the street and protect the 4 children from injury, harm and danger,” the post said.

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