Registration Open for MHA Breakthrough In-person Event in February

Virtual breakthrough

The COVID-19 crisis has made it clear what American healthcare providers are capable of and have their infinite potential, yet challenges remain. COVID-19 Variants Continue To Tackle Nation Health; Regular harassment and violence against caregivers lead to burnout caused by exhaustion and emotional upheaval; and the essential role of prevention and the politicization of public health are just some of the obstacles faced.

MHA Breakthrough, held in person on February 17-18 at the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa near Traverse City, provides a place for critical conversations about the health crisis and opportunities for providers to drive recovery through information, tools and sharing Can propose ideas and recommended course of action. By participating in counseling tables, Become a participant Examining long-range COVID-19 threats and the role of hospitals in promoting strong public health infrastructure, examining tactics to re-engage patients’ families and the public, and discussing methods of combating burnout and building resilience. A dedicated staff town hall will bring executives together to openly discuss how MHA members and partners in the Healthcare Workforce Sustainability Alliance can address labor shortages and advance policy and funding on this critical issue.

The breakthrough will take place in person and a COVID-19 vaccination will be required. Details on the vaccination verification process will be available shortly. Sign up is open, a full agenda and additional details will be posted online, and sponsorship is open until January 12th. Contact Erica Leyko for sponsorship and Erin Steward at the MHA with questions about breakthrough.

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