Justin Verlander’s deal is in limbo with lockout underway

That might sound a little far-fetched, but chances are the Detroit Tigers haven’t missed Justin Verlander just yet. If the team really wanted to bring it to Detroit it would cost some money to outperform the Astros, but it may not be completely off the market yet.

Now i know what you think Already signed, the Houston Astros have lifted him to a $ 25 million one-year contract with a player option for the 2023 season at $ 25 million each. I mean, MLB Dotcom even posted a post about Verlander’s return to the Astros.

Not so fast. The deal is not official. Jon Heyman tweeted this shortly after the lockdown began last night.

Free Agency Mystery: Justin Verlander’s 2-year Astros $ 50 million deal (no opt-out) was never announced and is believed to be unofficial. That means Verlander and Astros will have to wait for a new CBA to complete. It’s unclear why the deal reported 2 weeks ago is now pending.

– Jon Heyman (@JonHeyman) December 2, 2021

It’s a little out there to suggest. But there are certainly some concerns that the deal reported in mid-November has still not been made official. As Heyman mentions, both sides will have to wait for the lockout to complete as the two sides failed to confirm and make the deal official.

While this lockdown could last a week, a month, or postpone the season with a six-month hiatus, it is nowhere to be seen. What is clear is that the two sides seem far apart, but are at least trying to work together to achieve something.

That being said, Verlander’s deal hasn’t been finalized and / or confirmed, which means he may still be around when the work stoppage ends.

The Detroit Tigers may have one last try at Justin Verlander.

While it is very likely that Verlander will finalize his deal and return to Houston after the hiatus ends, it is certainly fascinating that the two sides waited two weeks to finalize the deal and have had to wait longer due to the lockdown being introduced.

In addition, it is unlikely. The Tigers have signed Eduardo Rodriguez to a five-year contract, so that there is only one place left in their rotation for the 2022 season. While this doesn’t have to be a place where more than $ 25 million was spent bringing Verlander back, the organization may want to bring him home.

Time will tell what will happen. Granted, there will likely be plenty of other storylines that pop up as a result of the work hiatus, but these are the ones fans should keep an eye on.

It seemed like the Tigers missed their chance to bring Verlander back to Detroit, but now there only seems to be one chance.

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