Two companies are expanding in the Ann Arbor area

Workit Health, which provides addiction treatment, plans to build a larger office in Ann Arbor. The workit team is shown. // Photo courtesy of Workit Health

The Michigan Strategic Fund on Wednesday announced support for two projects in the Ann Arbor area, according to the Michigan Economic Development Corp. Generate a total private investment of USD 27.2 million and create 279 new jobs.

Workit Health, a health technology, was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Ann Arbor. There are plans to open a larger office in the city. The project is expected to generate a total private investment of $ 14.8 million and create 179 high-quality jobs with a potential of up to 530 jobs in five years.

The project resulted in a $ 1 million Michigan Business Development Program performance grant, and Michigan was selected over competing locations across the country. The City of Ann Arbor has offered to help the company find candidates for the new positions. Information on careers can be found here.

The company’s virtual clinic includes triage, face time with clinicians, electronic prescriptions, therapy, and drug testing. The program includes drug-assisted treatment for addiction disorders, as well as cognitive behavioral therapy, group sessions, 24/7 chat access with a care team, and 1,000+ courses to treat a range of addictions and common disorders such as hepatitis C. The company works with health plans, employers and local governments across the state together.

“Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Workit Health has strong relationships with the tech community in the area and is committed to leveraging the talent in the area to further expand access to treatment,” said Lisa McLaughlin, co-founder. “We have ties to Ann Arbor and we made a conscious decision to grow the company here. Incredible local catalysts like the MEDC and founders who are redefining entrepreneurship in our region have played a vital role in our rise. “

Nexient, a Silicon Valley software service provider based in Pittsfield Township south of Ann Arbor that serves as a product delivery center, has purchased a building in Scio Township west of Ann Arbor. The company supports its customers in increasing sales, loyalty and growth through digital transformation. It was founded in 2009.

The company will renovate and expand the parking lot of the new building to accommodate growth. The project is expected to generate a total private investment of $ 12.45 million and create 100 new jobs resulting in a performance grant from the Michigan Business Development Program of $ 500,000. Michigan was selected over competing locations in Indiana and Ohio.

The company serves the utilities, retail, financial services, healthcare, entertainment and media, technology and hospitality industries. The company expanded its operations in Pittsfield Township in 2018, a project that created 300 jobs. Today this location employs 464 people.

“After Nexient grew more than 30 percent in 2020, our growth will accelerate in 2021,” said Matt Orttung, CEO of Nexient. “MEDC is a fantastic long-term partner for us and has been working with us since 2010 to expand our presence in Ann Arbor. We are very grateful for your support. We’re excited to move into our new 100,000-square-foot product delivery center in Ann Arbor in the second half of 2021. “

Nexient is committed to helping underrepresented populations, caring for students in disadvantaged communities, and developing and training talent for its employees.

“Workit Health and Nexient’s decisions to expand here in Michigan underscore our growing technology, professional and business services industries and demonstrate our commitment to long-term economic growth for our state,” said Josh Hundt, chief business development officer and executive vice president from MEDC.

Ann Arbor SPARK worked with both companies as they grew in the area.

The announcement builds on last month’s news that energy storage provider Navitas and national mortgage lender Homepoint are expanding in the Ann Arbor area, generating a total private investment of $ 7.1 million and creating 266 jobs.

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