Traverse City Will Discuss Upgrades to Wastewater Treatment Plant

Photo from the city of Traverse City

Traverse City’s sewage treatment plant is about to undergo a multi-million dollar renovation.

The question for city commissioners, however, is whether they should do it all at once or spread the repairs over time. Parts of the sewage treatment plant are almost 100 years old.

Art Krueger, director of Stadtwerke, says: “There are different ways to deal with several components. We want to find a solution. ” Tc sewage treatment plant 6

The City of Traverse City is planning a multi-million dollar repair and renovation project at their sewage treatment plant. Half of the facility was renovated in the early 2000s. Now it’s time for the rest. Krueger says: “Some of the components are 70 and 90 years old. So over the years it has been repaired as needed. But it’s time that some major renovation is likely to be needed. “

Tc sewage treatment plant 3

Photo from the city of Traverse City

Reinforced concrete tanks have been in operation for around 60 to 90 years. Consultants and engineers believe the structures can stay operational with minor upgrades and repairs. The city could also choose to have it repaired and replaced. “If we push all aspects of the recommendations, that will be in the range of $ 14.5 million.”

In the 150+ page report, the engineers also point out that when it comes to freezing / thawing, the freeze / thaw cycle can be a factor. The tanks from the 1930s and 1960s are prone to distress. Says Krueger, “There are some vulnerable parts of the plant that we are concerned about. We are closely monitoring these and trying to work quickly to come up with a plan. “Tc sewage treatment plant 5

Krueger says there is no emergency – but the commissioners will hear the plan and options for further development. “It will really be an open discussion … going forward about what kind of project and how big a project is to try.”

Whatever options the city chooses, it also plans to apply for soft loans to offset some of the cost of the upgrades. “We try to be wise with the expenses and costs and to look at the level of risk. And make appropriate decisions on this and the financial side. “

Tc sewage treatment plant 2

Photo from the city of Traverse City

According to Krueger, the process in the wastewater treatment plant is completely separate from the problems they had with the wastewater overflow on the Boardman River last year. The problem then was “the collection system on the river. It was like this before the wastewater got into the plant, where it overflowed into the river. The facility treated 100% of the water it received for wastewater during these storms and events. “

Krueger adds that these leaks have already been fixed. The city will hold public hearings on the projects over the next few months.

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