Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan’s spot on ballot challenged over filing

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan may have to launch another enrollment campaign to win re-election if challenger Anthony Adams has his way.

Adams tried Monday to get Duggan’s name off August’s main election. If successful, it would be the second time in the last three election cycles that Duggan has not been able to keep his name on the ballot.

Adams, a former deputy mayor under ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who is now running for mayor himself, objected to the confirmation of Duggan’s name on the ballot, claiming the mayor lied on the papers he submitted for re-election last week. Despite confirming that his campaign financial reports are up to date, Duggan was unable to file a full financial statement for the campaign in July 2018, according to Adams’ attorney, which was filed with the Detroit City Clerk.

“He is now breaking state law and has also committed perjury by submitting a false declaration to the electoral commission,” Adams said in an interview. “I think this challenge is open and closed. The law is the law.”

Duggan’s campaign called the challenge “purely frivolous”.

The campaign received a notice from the Wayne County Clerk’s Office in August 2018 that the July report lacked information on campaign spending of $ 48,287 to Paychex, a payroll company.

Campaign manager Alexis Wiley said Monday that the campaign provided a detailed response to the employee’s information request in September 2018 and has not received any further notices from the employee that the campaign is non-compliant since then.

“It’s obvious that Anthony Adams believes his only hope of beating Mayor Duggan is that the mayor won’t vote,” Wiley said in a statement. “We fully meet all legal requirements and expect that this challenge will be rejected as unfounded.”

Adams’ challenge is now in the hands of Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey.

However, Winfrey said her decision on Duggan’s eligibility will depend on whether the Wayne County Clerk’s office, which oversees campaign funding filings, sees the mayor’s filings as current. “I can’t move until I hear from her,” Winfrey said of Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett.

Anthony Adams

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Garrett’s office did not immediately answer questions Monday to clarify the status of Duggan’s financial reports for campaigns.

Duggan struggled with his campaign papers when he ran for mayor in 2013.

That year he was banned from the main vote for filing the papers in less than a year after registering to vote in Detroit. Even so, Duggan continued to raise money and launch a registration campaign. He finished first in the primary, defeating Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon, who died of COVID-19 consequences last year, in the general election.

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