Traverse City Establishes Special Fund for $1,647,274 Federal COVID-19 Relief Money

The Traverse City Commission has set up a special fund to track the federal COVID-19 aid money.

Traverse City is expected to raise more than $ 1.6 million in local coronavirus recovery funds.

So far they have received 50% of that money and will receive the rest in the next year.

It can be used to respond to COVID-19, respond to adverse effects of COVID-19, provide a bonus to key workers, replace lost public sector revenue, and invest in infrastructure.

“If we are ready to spend the money, it will most likely be used on infrastructure projects,” said Traverse City Mayor Richard Lewis. “We have rainwater that we will look at. We have sewers and of course there are always things like roads, sidewalks and bridges. “

“The sewer system has a source of funding, namely through the utility fees we pay,” said Tim Werner, City Commissioner of Traverse. “I’ll have to think long and hard about it myself, because it’s a one-time injection of money that could be spent on things that have no funding.”

There are certain things that money cannot be spent on.

“Many communities have uncovered liabilities in their pension funds. You can’t spend it on that, ”said Lewis.

You also can’t use the money to lower taxes.

The Traverse City Commission must spend the federal COVID-19 relief fund by 2026.

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