Traverse City DDA Asks Public Feedback on E Front Street

Traverse City’s Downtown Development Authority is seeking public feedback on the redesign of East Front Street. You recently started a new survey asking for feedback.

“This survey examines three different design scenarios for East Front Street, all of which focus on balancing cars, pedestrians and bicycles and how they interact with the neighborhood,” says DDA COO Harry Burkholder. “These can still be found on our project website and you can provide feedback on these scenarios.”

Earlier this summer, Traverse City and the DDA began the planning process for East Front Street, looking for ways to rebuild the street scene. They’re also looking at new sewer connections as the current system is aging and has historically spilled into the Boardman River.

“We want to renew the canal infrastructure through this corridor, but the main impetus is the lack of road construction,” says Burkholder. “If you walk through the city center, this is one of the last streets that has no trees or candy cane light poles. We’re looking for ways we can improve the streetscape of this downtown area to make it more pedestrian and business friendly so they can have cafes on the sidewalk.

They also want to connect to Grandview Parkway, which is under construction in 2023. Hopefully at the same time as East Front Street.

“This gate is really an entrance to our downtown area, it’s the hospitality of Downtown Traverse City. We want to make it a special place, a unique place, ”says Burkholder. “All of the things we talk about are doing just that – creating a place and time where we can connect with the river and the neighborhood and downtown, which just makes downtown a lot better.”

There is still time for the public to provide feedback on the three design proposals. There were two public engagement meetings and the first poll in August where people gave feedback – with lots of talk about design concepts A and B.

DDA hopes to narrow it down to one or two options, have more community input, and leave the final decision to the DDA and Traverse City officers. Hopefully the design will be narrowed down by late November or early December. The DDA says that you can mix concepts together, the three options are not the final.

Here you can take the poll on the three proposed designs for East Front Street.

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