Today in historical past: mysterious flag found in home near Tustin | News

Aug. 11, 1922

The strange triangle of Mrs. Inez Sleeper of Cadillac, Mrs. Fanny Hiatt of Traverse City and Clarny Hiatt of Traverse City who eloped together from Traverse City and were later caught at Grand Rapids by the husbands in the case may be traced to the World War according to stories told by the principals in the elopement to the police at Grand Rapids, where Mrs. Sleeper and Warner are now in jail on statutory charges preferred by Sleeper. Warner told, according to Orian Hiatt, husband of the Traverse City woman that his own home had been broken up by a soldier during the war and that since that time he, Warner, had been deliberately breaking up other service men’s homes. It now appears that the women were traveling with Warner somewhat in the nature of rivals for his affections rather than amicably sharing him between them. Mrs. Sleeper told the jail matron at Grand Rapids that she had first won Warner’s attentions and that later Mrs. Hiatt had superseded her in her affinity’s favor. Both women were employed in the state hospital at Traverse City. Mr. Sleeper obtained an order from a Grand Rapids judge to remove his two children from the custody of their mother, who is now in jail. Mrs Hiatt is no longer known to be in Grand Rapids.

Aug. 11, 1972

Miss Nicki Anderson recently inherited her grandmother’s house on N. Dighton Road near Tustin. The only problem is she also inherited a small red, white and blue flag that’s turned into a mystery. The house is more than 80 years old, according to Miss Anderson. “The place was first homesteaded over 100 years ago.” In the course of redecorating, Nicki and father, Arnold Anderson, were stripping wallpaper from an upstairs bedroom. Tucked neatly behind one of the strips was a 1914 calendar and the small flag, with 37 stars. “I don’t know where it came from or how it got there,” Miss Anderson said, “I wish somebody could tell me.” Research at the Cadillac-Wexford Public Library has yielded little information. Miss Anderson speculated the flag might perhaps be related to Nebraska, the 37th state to enter the union. However, the Nebraska state flag is now a blue field with a circular picture in the center, not similar to the Nicki flag. The flag, worn to holes in several places, has the traditional 13 stripes, alternating red and white. The blue field in the upper left hand corner has one star in each of its four corners and one large star in the middle, which is surrounded by two concentric rings of stars. The stars are all white. “It might possibly be a special flag issued to commemorate a special occasion,” Miss Anderson said. But so far, no one has turned up any information.

Aug 11, 1997

Cadillac has lower than average number of residents with college degrees. But many are returning to school to update their skills and knowledge. As a whole, Michigan ranks 38th in the nation when looking at how many residents are college grads, according to a recent Wayne State University study. Census figures from 1990 show 17.4% of state residents have at least a bachelor’s degree. In Wexford County, that figure is 13%, in Missaukee 8%, Osceola 9% and Lake 7%. But, many area employees are returning to school, if not for the long haul at least to pick up new skills with one or two classes. “With the uncertainty of some of the industry here, some people are coming back for updates,” said Jan Root of Cadillac’s branch of Northern Michigan College. Root said the average age of NMC students has consistently stayed at 29.

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