These shops prove that Lansing loves Halloween

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — With fall officially here, people are starting to get in the mood for spooky season.

If you’re looking for a cool local shop to buy gifts for your friends and family that take Halloween season deadly serious, here’s a few spots in Lansing you can check out.

Grave Danger

Opened by Brian Jupin and Roanna Selvage, a husband-and-wife team of nostalgic toy collectors, Grave Danger in Lansing’s Old Town neighborhood has all sorts of rad gifts for fans of horror movies, comic books and ’80s era films and cartoons.

Grave Danger’s storefront in Old Town.

“We are both collectors and love anything Halloween and horror related. When people come into our store, we want them to feel nostalgic about what they see and remember good memories from any generation’s childhood,” Jupin said.

Gifts like “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” air fresheners and “Friday the 13th” action figures are a surefire hit for people who count Halloween as their favorite season.

Thrift Witch and The Dark Art Market

Tiesha King has a longstanding history of promoting the Halloween mood in Lansing. Not only does she manage her own shop that sells clothing, art, and other gifts that appear to have come straight from a haunted house, but she also books the Avenue Café’s annual Halloween concert and other live entertainment events.

A stop at Thrift Witch in Old Town is a solid bet to find a special spooky keepsake that you won’t find anywhere else in Lansing.

Thrift Witch and The Dark Art Market can be found in Old Town.

“I’ve always loved Halloween and anything gothic or spooky. Once the Dark Art of Michigan show series started including vendors, a store supporting local artisans and crafters we met along the way was a natural progression,” King said. “I grew up watching horror movies from an early age, so I’ve always been attracted to the dark side of things and, of course, Halloween.”

You will also want to visit the Dark Art Market, which is directly next door to Thrift Witch. Also managed by King, the Dark Art Market focuses primarily on unique art pieces created by local creatives.

The Screamatorium and Deadtime Stories

The Halloween vibe is Jenn Carpenter’s bread and butter, as she writes books about Michigan urban legends, hosts a true crime podcast, and organizes a festival dedicated to the paranormal. It’s only natural that she has her own horror-edged book shop.

The Screamatorium and Deadtime Stories are in Lansing’s REO Town neighborhood.

The Screamatorium, located in Lansing’s REO Town neighborhood, sells cool spooky trinkets from local artisans, and the connected Deadtime Stories shop sells horror-centric books.

“The Screamatorium is a place that brings out the kid in horror lovers, but is also kid friendly,” Carpenter said. “It’s an ode to ‘Scream’ and Lansing native Matthew Lillard, but also full of ’90s nostalgia and unique gifts. It might be cliché to say there’s a little bit of something for everyone here, but it’s definitely true.”

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