The project will be the flyover of Lansing Switch Road via I-20 | rebuild local news

The Lansing Switch Road flyover over Interstate 20 will be replaced next year according to plans approved by the Texas Department of Transportation in March.

“The current overpass is being demolished and replaced with a wider and taller structure,” said Wendy Starkes, area engineer at TxDOT in Marshall. “The current overpass has only two 10-foot lanes. The new one will have two 12-foot lanes separated by a 14-foot flush median with 10-foot shoulders and walkways on each side. We’ll also be raising the structure about 5 feet to allow more than 19 feet of clearance over the I-20 lanes. “

Lansing Switch Road must be closed to the motorway for construction. Traffic will be diverted to loop 281 at Longview to the west and FM 450 at Hallsville to the east.

The East Texas Bridge of Longview received the construction contract with an offer of 3.4 million US dollars.

Work should start in May and take around 14 months, Starkes said.

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