The Detroit Pistons shouldn’t be in on Victor Oladipo despite rumors

NBA trade rumors surfaced Sunday linking the Detroit Pistons with the Houston Rockets regarding veteran shooter Victor Oladipo.

It would be shocking to see the Detroit Pistons add rather than subtract ahead of Thursday’s NBA close of trading. Still, the idea is out there suggesting that General Manager Troy Weaver has aspirations to possibly acquire Victor Oladipo.

ESPN NBA insider Brian Windhorst recently stated at SportsCenter that the price tag for Oladipo isn’t very high, although he’s hoping to get a first-round election in return for his services.

Windhorst also mentioned the Pistons and the New York Knicks as possible targets, stating straight away that he understood Detroit was a surprising target as they are currently only between 12 and 29 in the season but a “go-to” on the back seat -Search for ball handlers.

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The 28 year old is an exceptional talent, but trading with a pending free agent before trading closes is less than desirable.

The Detroit Pistons will not be exchanging a lottery for Victor Oladipo.

Detroit Pistons’ GM Weaver is expected to be busy selling seasoned players or getting off freelance agents rather than buyers by the NBA close on Thursday. The Pistons have a few players who can fill out a playoff list elsewhere and potentially pile additional future assets.

After two seasons marked by injuries, Oladipo rebounded in 2020-21 averaging 20.8 points, five boards, 4.7 assists and 1.3 steals per game. Oladipo landed in Houston earlier this season as part of the three-team blockbuster deal that sent James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets. Houston is in the middle of a 20-game losing streak and is clearly hoping to acquire future assets for an outstanding free agent.

I cannot stress this enough; There’s absolutely no chance Weaver will trade a lottery for a pending free agent in Houston.

The Detroit Pistons recently added a hyper-athletic guard in Hamidou Diallo. So why move future assets for Oladipo?

We haven’t seen Diallo break a Pistons jersey yet, and at just 22 years old, he has the potential to outdo himself with Detroit. Diallo has averaged 11.9 points and 5.2 boards per game with Oklahoma City Thunder this season before landing in Detroit.

The only way an Oladipo deal should be considered is for him to agree to a contract extension with the Detroit Pistons prior to a deal. It’s a deal Detroit could possibly make for a future round one selection and possibly a few younger players like Josh Jackson and Saben Lee. When Lee is in any part of a deal that suggests Detroit believes Frank Jackson will be able to build on its hot streak.

Will that be enough to land Oladipo?

Unlikely, but if Houston hasn’t moved the sports watcher by Thursday they may get a little desperate to add something instead of losing it in the open for free.

The Pistons have likely already made their biggest roster by sending Derrick Rose to the Knicks in exchange for Dennis Smith Jr. and buying up star striker Blake Griffin.

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Weaver should be working on the phones, hoping to move Wayne Ellington, Delon Wright, and possibly Josh Jackson.

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