TC Board of Commissioners Discuss 2020 Annual Report at Regular Meeting

Traverse City’s Board of Commissioners held a public meeting Monday evening to discuss their annual report. Major issues raised during the meeting included emergency medical services, fire training, and who should be responsible for PFAS contamination.

“We learned a lot this year because of the situation we got into,” says Frank Dituri, Director of Public Services.

During the regular meeting, Traverse City’s departments, including fire, public services, and utilities, discussed what was working and what was not.

Dituri says last year was a learning curve:

“Understanding how to interact with people and keep them healthy and on-site to make sure we continue to provide services was again a tremendous learning opportunity.

City commissioners also discussed who should be held accountable for PFAS contamination during a training session at Cherry Capital Airport last fall, which cost the city thousands of dollars in cleaning fees.

City Manager Marty Colburn says: “There is always a risk during training. I don’t like that, the boss doesn’t like it, nobody likes it and so we try to make sure that we learn from it and that it doesn’t happen again. “

During a public comment, residents were able to raise concerns about emergency services, response times and the Northflight / MMR merger.

“I had some experience with 9-1-1 for my mother last spring and was very, very impressed with the response from the fire department and not that impressed with the private ambulance service,” said Laura, a Traverse City resident. “I would feel a lot more comfortable with Traverse City investing in a fire-based ambulance than if I allow private companies to do so.”

The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 15th.

For meeting minutes and agenda, click here.

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