Sunny Sunday with highs in the middle 40s

DETROIT – Did you think of putting your clocks up an hour before you went to bed last night?

If not, you’ll be an hour late for everything you planned this morning. On the positive side, we’re shifting an hour of daylight from early morning to early evening. So enjoy that extra hour of daylight later today!

Our Sunday will indeed be a “sunny day,” but with mid-40s highs (8 degrees Celsius) a little cooler than yesterday, combined with a breeze that was 10-15 mph this afternoon from the northwest comes up this won’t feel quite like springtime. But who will complain about weekend sunshine?

Now that daylight saving time has started, today’s sunrise is at 7:46 AM and today’s sunset is at 7:39 PM

Partly cloudy on Sunday evening with very cool lows in the upper teens (-7 degrees Celsius). The wind will ease to 4 to 7 miles per hour and shift northeast over night.


We will start our Monday with some sunshine but the clouds will steadily increase during the day. The cooling trend continues with highs only in the mid to upper 30s (3 degrees Celsius). An easterly wind at 10 to 15 miles an hour won’t help either.

On Monday evening there will be light snow, later in the night it can be freezing cold. The amount of precipitation should be very low, so I expect nothing more than a dusting of snow and a light glaze of ice. But still be very careful if you are out on Monday evening and early Tuesday. Temperatures fall in the low 30s (-1 to 0 degrees Celsius).

Light rain showers are possible on Tuesday, with the maximum values ​​bouncing back into the mid-1940s (8 degrees Celsius).

Mostly cloudy on Tuesday evening with lows in the mid-30s (1 to 2 degrees Celsius).

Partly cloudy on Wednesday with highs in the low 50s (11 degrees Celsius).

Increasing clouds Wednesday evening with lows in the middle to the upper 30s (3 degrees Celsius).


At this point, the lower atmosphere thermal profile appears warm enough to support mostly light rain showers on Thursday, with possibly some wet flakes being mixed in to the north. Highs in the upper 40s (9 degrees Celsius).

The rain ends on Thursday evening with lows close to 30 degrees (-1 degrees Celsius).

Mostly cloudy skies Friday will be partly cloudy in the afternoon. High in the mid 40s (6 to 7 degrees Celsius).

At the moment the next weekend looks spectacular, with lots of sunshine and highs close to 50 degrees (10 degrees Celsius) on Saturday and the mid-50s (12 degrees Celsius) on Sunday. Another sunny weekend in March? We’d better not use up our quota of weekend sunshine and keep some of it for the summer.

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