Salsa dance lessons offered at Detroit’s Orchestra Hall

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) is turning up the heat with a salsa dance party in Orchestra Hall’s Peter D. and Julie F. Cummings Cube on Saturday, Aug. 13.

Though the orchestra itself will not be playing, Venezuelan salsa band Trabuco y Son will supply live, Latin jams along with Maumee, Ohio’s DJ Fercho, and the evening will begin with a salsa lesson to bring dancers of all skill levels up to speed.

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Award-winning dancer-instructor Mambo Marci leads the session at DSO salsa parties; she estimates about 20 of these events have been held at The Cube since 2017. She is also co-director of YA Salsa, Michigan’s largest salsa dance organization, which hosts monthly dance mixers in Troy.

“It starts with a beginner lesson by me,” she said of the DSO events. “It’s very social, so I rotate the people in the class. You don’t have to rotate — like, if you’re with your partner or you’re concerned about germs — but generally, we rotate. And then it immediately goes into the first set by the live band. The band and the DJ are different every time, and we alternate between sets by the live band and a DJ spinning a Latin mix. It’s all very danceable. After the band’s second set, the DJ takes it home until about 12:30 am

“One of the things I love about this event is it draws a lot of dancers from the salsa community, but Orchestra Hall regulars also come and just enjoy the music and appreciate it. You don’t have to dance. You can just sit and enjoy the band and watch the dancers. There’s something for everyone.”

DSO Salsa Dance Party

Saturday Aug 13

8pm – 12:30pm

Tickets starting at $20

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