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Romeo is on a short list.

Only two boys and girls school cross-country teams have made it into the top eight in the Lower Peninsula Division 1 final in the past three seasons.

Traverse City Central is one of them. Romeo is the other.

  • Romeo’s Jack Kelke finished 10th in the MHSAA Division 1 Finals on Saturday, November 6, 2021 at Michigan International Speedway with a time of 3:39:04 p.m. (TIMOTHY ARRICK for MediaNews Group)

  • Romeo’s Jack Wallace finishes his run in the MHSAA Division 1 Championship Race on Saturday, November 6, 2021 at Michigan International Speedway. (TIMOTHY ARRICK for MediaNews Group)

  • Romeo’s Bryce Goodsell finishes his run in the MHSAA Division 1 Finals on Saturday, November 6, 2021 at Michigan International Speedway. (TIMOTHY ARRICK for MediaNews Group)

The boys’ Bulldogs team finished fifth and the girl sixth on Saturday at Michigan International Speedway.

Traverse City Central boys finished sixth and girls third.

Meanwhile, the Ann Arbor Pioneer boys’ team reached 11th place, and that dropped Pioneer off the list.

In 2019 Romeo, Brighton, Pioneer, Saline and TC Central took eighth or better place in both matches. (Romeo’s boys finished seventh and the girls eighth.)

In 2020, when Romeo won the boys championship and the Bulldogs girls finished sixth, Pioneer and TC Central reached Macomb County School with top eight finishes.

“I couldn’t be more proud of this group,” said Romeo coach Mike Buslepp on Tuesday. “Getting in the top eight in the state for the past three years is special and a testament to the hard work they put in.

“We had a special group to work with.”

Seniors Owen Sharnas and Jack Kelke made the all-state by finishing in the top 30 and leading Romeo’s boys in the 2021 final.

Jack Wallace, Connor Clor and Bryce Goodsell also met, and Brendan Wiegand and Derrian Kumfer rounded out Romeo’s contingent.

Kelke was a Romeo goalscorer every year from 2019-2021 (top 5 of the team).

In the girls’ meeting, all-stater Madison Clor with Violet Hrabovsky, Amanda Felstow, Brianna Weigand and Rachel Felstow also scored in the top 5 of the team. Sarah Greb and Emily Felstow completed the list of bulldogs.

Clor and Rachel Felstow have each scored for Romeo in the last three finals.

“These athletes are hard workers, but even better children,” said Buslepp. “I know I’m probably biased, but the respect they have for their teammates, the sport and the competition is second to none in my opinion.”

Swimming and diving

Meeting of the MAC Red Division

At Dakota

November 6th

Team ratings: Grosse Pointe South 489, Dakota 218, Grosse Pointe North 191, Eisenhower 186, L’Anse Creuse North 114.

200 layer relay: Grosse Pointe South (Brooke Lezotte, Phoebe Handwork, Sophie Schuetze, Olivia Yoo) 1: 48.92 (Division 2 qualification time). Dakota 1: 55.08. Eisenhower 1: 59.70.

200 Freestyle: Olivia Yoo, GPS, 1: 53.20 (Division 2 qualifying time). Sophia Kapla, GPS, 1: 57.20 (Division 2 qualifying time). Diana Muccioli, GPN, 1: 58.95.

200 IM: Sophie Schuetze, GPS, 2: 09.80 (Division 2 qualification time). Sydney Brandt, Dak, 2: 10.56 (Division 1 qualifying time). Brooke Lezotte, GPS, 2: 11.62 (Division 2 qualifying time).

50 Freestyle: Phoebe Bedsworth, GPS, 25:00 (Division 2 qualifying time). Avery Beal, GPN, 24.91 (Division 2 qualifying time). Phoebe Handwork, GPS, 25.25 (Division 2 qualifying time).

Diving: Jade Golembiewski, Eisenhower, 317. Lauren Tomaszewski, Eisenhower, 285.60. Ava Rogowski, GPS, 285.40.

100 butterfly: Olivia Yoo, GPS, 55.73 (Division 2 qualifying time). Sophie Schuetze, GPS, 57.00 (Division 2 qualifying time). Charlotte Bedsworth, GPS, 1: 00.77 (Division 2 qualifying time).

100 Freestyle: Phoebe Bedsworth, GPS, 55.15 (Division 2 qualifying time). Lily Petz, GPS, 56.15. Emma Bauer, LCN, 56.63.

500 freestyle: Sophia Kapla, GPS, 5: 10.68 (Division 2 qualifying time). Diana Muccioli, GPN, 5: 20.29 (Division 2 qualifying time). Audrey Smihal, GPS, 5: 32.14.

200 Freestyle Relay: Grosse Pointe South (Phoebe Bedsworth, Lily Petz, Elizabeth Klepp, Phoebe Handwork) 1: 40.33 (Division 2 qualifying time). Grosse Pointe Nord 1: 45.41. L’Anse Creuse Nord 1: 46.45.

100 backstroke: Brooke Lezotte, GPS, 59.52 (Division 2 qualifying time). Sienna Clark, GPS, 1: 01.34 (Division 2 qualifying time). Elizabeth Klepp, GPS, 1: 01.45 (Division 2 qualifying time). Ella Pazuchowski, GPS, 1: 02.62 (Division 2 qualifying time).

100 Breaststroke: Sydney Brandt, Dak, 1: 05.46 (Division 1 qualifying time). Phoebe Handwork, GPS, 1: 07.71 (Division 2 qualifying time). Keira Collins, GPS, 1: 10.54 (Division 2 qualifying time).

400 freestyle relay: Grosse Pointe South (Sophie Schuetze, Brooke Lezotte, Sophia Kapla, Olivia Yoo) 3: 37.00 (Division 2 qualifying time). Grosse Pointe Nord 3: 51.88. Dakota 3: 53.68.

correction: A report in the Nov. 9 issue of The Macomb Daily should have said that Frasers Quinn Savage won the 200 and 500 yard freestyles, not the 100 and 500 freestyles, in the MAC White Division’s swim.

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