Redefining The Next Northern Homescape

Posted by Beth Milligan | April 12, 2021

Three regional home artists are working together to address the affordable housing issue in northern Michigan by focusing on combining sustainable building with luxury living. Design Elemental, a full turnkey service for residential and workforce complexes, is a three-way partnership between Socks Construction, Angelo Adamo and Component Construction Systems tailored to local housing needs. In this week’s Northern Express – sister publication of The Ticker – company representatives talk about the inspiration behind their partnership and how they are trying to change the market.

“People have a hard time building a house with an average salary,” says Angelo Adamo, Creative Director of Design Elemental. In smaller markets in particular, like Traverse City’s, developers often compete within the same pool of subcontractors – flooring, drywall, electrical, and the like – making it increasingly difficult to build a reputable business. “But if we could control that [construction] Environment, we could have more control over the product, “says Adamo.

The result? “A range of affordable homes that you can buy both online and in-store,” he says. From then on, the “pre-fab” concept was an obvious choice. “There’s less waste, the efficiency is fantastic and you can build everything in a quality-controlled environment. But prefabricated houses are stand-alone facilities. You can only make money by promoting the same product.” For Design Elemental, constructing a “cookie cutter” was simply not an option. Instead, they proposed a cross-marketing strategy in which customers choose their own structural components from an online interface for sustainable surfaces provided by partner labels. From there, Design Elemental can provide that selection or simplify other management options. “It could be a project for the client, for the developer or for the customer directly,” says Adamo.

This week’s Spring Home Edition of the Northern Express also includes information on trends in outdoor living – think smart wood pellet grills, eco-friendly furniture, and treehouse outings – as well as a guide to local salvage stores, anti-qe stores, and clever reuse and Recycling experts who can help you with the next home renovation. The Northern Express can be read online or picked up for free at any of nearly 700 locations in 14 northern Michigan counties.


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