Northern Michigan E3 Hosts Vigil After Chauvin Verdict

Pending a verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial, Northern Michigan E3 scheduled a vigil in support of the judiciary on Tuesday.

The group gathered in the open space park in Traverse City about an hour after the guilty verdict.

Members say the guilty verdict collectively breathed them a sigh of relief, but was ultimately bittersweet when George Floyd was lost. The group says they will continue lobbying with other groups across the country to bring about police reform that works for all people.

“How do we get back to a place where law enforcement is a community organization, or how should I put it? You know this is something that works with people in the community to keep them safe,” said Holly Bird , Northern Michigan E3 Councilor said. “I think we can see that everything starts from scratch and we’re doing our part for our region.”

Chauvin is currently awaiting sentencing.

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