Mild Veterans day with rain; weekend snow shower chances

There was a brief string of rain showers moving south to north through Metro Detroit this morning, but things are dry for the time being and temperatures are very mild to begin this Veterans Day. You will break up to temperatures in the mid and late 1940s and the roads are fine after this very light and brief rain shower. We may have our last mild or warming day of the week and maybe of the year, but make sure you grab the umbrella before heading out.

Sunrise is at 7:19 am

A warmer wind will begin to crank over SE Lower Michigan and Southern Ontario, and it might try to rattle those garbage cans here and there. The sky will be partly sunny as the highs hit the lows one last time by perhaps the mid-60s, aided by those SSE 10-20 breezes that sometimes blow 25-35 mph. A warm front pulls through this morning and an approaching cold front will bring our chances of rain later in the afternoon. The showers come in from the south and west and can start as early as 2:00 p.m., but expect showers until the middle and late afternoon until the evening drive. The rain will subside around 8-10pm with some evening showers.


Sunset is at 5:15 p.m.

Limited moisture is escaping overnight and temperatures are starting to drop in Metro Detroit. We call Friday moving day because the morning temperatures will be between 30 and 40 degrees and the sky is mostly clear. Yes, we will see Friday sun, but as the cool air continues to pull in and the winds pick up SSW 10-20 mph, clouds begin to form and move in with an isolated shower and temperatures between the top 40s and low 50s. So on Saturday a winter mix is ​​to be expected and on Friday we don’t expect a lot of moisture. However, a few scattered lakes improved the chances of showers in the afternoon and early evening on Friday.

Saturday and the whole weekend before us will be cold! We expect morning lows in the top 20s to 30s and highs only in the bottom 40s on both days at best. We will see these winds WSW 10-20mph on Saturday and more a sea effect machine that mainly attracts scattered light rain and snow showers in the afternoon. Sunday is still in the air with a fast moving snow machine, a clipper speeding through the Midwest and its destination is not yet absolute. There is a possibility that we will get a grazing blow and snow showers that could deposit a coating here and there. We’ll keep you updated as we get closer. The Local4Casters app is your absolute best weapon and tool for staying one step ahead of any weather in Pure Michigan and around the world. It’s free!


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