Metro Detroit’s newest hip-hop star BabyTron on breakthrough verge

BabyTron is Metro Detroit’s newest breakthrough hip-hop star

Meet BabyTron, one of the next wave of Detroit rappers who is set to make a big difference.

Meet BabyTron – one of the next wave of Detroit rappers who is set to make a big splash.

His latest album “Bin Reaper 2” is in the Apple Music charts along with other Detroit rappers like Ice Wear Vezzo, 42 Dugg and Big Sean.

“You know it just feels surreal, like it all finally came together, all of the pieces of the puzzle finally came together,” BabyTron said.

Born James Johnson, this 21-year-old began transforming into BabyTron at Lincoln High School in Ypsilanti – where he and friends started playing around with rapping thinking they’d stumbled upon something.

“All of the kids in school and everyone loved it, so we took it seriously – I took it seriously,” said BabyTron.

Serious enough to get the attention of Felando Merriweather – CEO and Founder of TheHipHop Lab.

“I see ‘Tron as big as Drake and Travis Scott, you know what I’m saying? Like all the movement, you know? ”Said Merriweather.

The group called themselves “The Sh * tty Boyz” and quickly developed a following.

Heads started turning this summer with the release of ‘Tron’s aptly titled Luka Troncic album – a nod to aspiring NBA superstar Luka Doncic.

“You know the NBA season was coming to an end and Luka Doncic was having a great season, so Luka Troncic didn’t have to do too much with it,” he said. “I had a great rap season, I felt like it.”

And he’s not alone.

“Tron has a devoted fan base that includes Twitter-certified blue-ticked celebrities.

“Yeah, I just got the KD follow – Kevin Durant follows – he followed me and gave me DM’s,” he said. “Jack Harlow, he always shows love. He is a fan of the music. Big Sean – he commented on some of the recent posts. He is a fan of the music.

“Miles Bridges – had it on my album – by the Charlotte Hornets (from Flint and MSU). I’m not going to lie: there are so many people with blue checks, just call everyone with the blue checks who follow me because it many of you are. I’m a fan of anyone who’s a fan of me, it’s all mutual love. “

“Bin Reaper 2” is now streamed on all music platforms.

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