Metro Detroit restaurant owner offering help and hope

(WXYZ) – So many business owners are still in shock at what COVID-19 has done to their dreams and life’s work.

You are also still concerned about the present and the future.

Our Andrea Isom is in Southfield and Detroit to speak to a restaurant owner, a woman who has a great vision to bring change, opportunity and hope to those affected by the pandemic.

Sometimes it just takes an idea and a pure passion to want to help people and so many wonderful things can happen out of it.

Good can come from bad and we’ve seen it before.

Angela Middleton makes a remarkable effort and does what she can to try to make things better.

“I wasn’t really thinking about myself. I was thinking of other people, ”says Middleton.

She is the owner of Saucey Crab. There are two locations. One at 11 Mile and Lahser in Southfield. and a newer location at 8 Mile and Lahser in Detroit. Angela knows how real the fight is because she lives it too.

“Every day is not good for me. But I have faith and I pray and I know everything will be fine. It’s harder for people trying to start a business. It is more difficult for them because they start from below. Or if you wanted to start a business, many of your dreams have failed. But having that event would maybe pump her up a little more and say, you know I can do that. Because it’s out here. Now everything opens up and it gives them an opportunity to give them some things they want. It will restore their faith. That will increase their confidence, ”says Middleton hopefully.

Lots of people gave up. Companies have closed. It was extremely bad for everyone. So Angela decided to throw an extravaganza called The Ultimate Eat, Shop and Greet!

It will take place at the Corner Ballpark in Detroit. Everyone is welcome and entry is free!

It is scheduled for March 28th.

“I felt like if I was just holding a pop-up event where so many people had the opportunity to showcase their product. Food, clothes, candles, everything. And I thought this event would help us all. It brings a lot of people together to make a profit. There will be many providers, many mentors and a lot of knowledge in-house. We have to help each other. We help each other, we can do it! We can do it! “Says Middleton with delight.

This is going to be a big event and the tables are moving quickly. If you want to get involved, do not hesitate!

You can reach Angela Middleton at 313-217-1448.
Instagram: @sauceycrab
Facebook: Saucey Crab (Southfield and Detroit)

March 28th from 12pm to 8pm
The corner ball court
1680 Michigan Avenue
Detroit, MI 48216

What Angela does matters and it can really make a difference. It will give hope and security to so many people that they are not alone in it.

So everyone please come and show your support!

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