Finding the Northern Michigan CSA That’s Right For You –

Prepare your transport: Speaking of prep, this can be the most labor-intensive step in the process. We recommend doing some of the work right away. When you have your box, take an hour (or less) to prep your products. Wash the lettuce, store it in a container lined with paper towels, and chop your vegetables into pieces. You will be more inclined to use these ingredients in a dish or snack during the week.

Mix it up: A great way to use those pounds of produce – toss them in a large saucepan for a soup or stew, or experiment with fruits and vegetables and try different smoothie combinations.

Save excess material: Tired of making salads? Whip up fresh pesto with your leftover greens or pickle those beets, carrots, and cucumbers.

Swap what you can’t use: Maybe you’re not a fan of beets, or there is a certain leaf green that isn’t your cup of tea. Why not exchange these items with a neighbor or just give them in for karma points?

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