Metro Detroit family hoping to find bone marrow match for 5-year-old boy

DETROIT – Ryder Washington started kindergarten this year. The 5 year old loves to dance, do martial arts and is obsessed with the Statue of Liberty.

A few months ago he was diagnosed with a rare disease that in most cases leads to leukemia. The child’s family hopes that someone can help the boy.

The Washington family held a bone marrow blood donation Sunday.

A 40-second swab on the inside of your cheek could prevent Washington from developing leukemia. The family desperately hopes to find a partner.

“I’m surprised I’m not crying now,” said Kimberli Washington, who hopes to find a blood sample for her son.

He was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome earlier this year.

“It was quite a whirlwind, we’re learning more about bone marrow transplants and donor banks every day,” said the mother.

His condition is rare. Only one in 200,000 people is diagnosed with MDS and very few are their age. He’s afraid of needles.


“It’s difficult, it changes your heart when I see mom, brother cry and baby angry. I’m supposed to take care of them, you have to help, but there is nothing you can do,” said Terrence Washington, who is hoping to find a blood sample for his son.

The boy needs to be extra careful to avoid injury to avoid internal bleeding.

But it didn’t stop this powerhouse from dancing a storm and he already has a yellow belt in taekwondo.

The Washington family desperately hopes to find a bone marrow match to keep the disease from progressing to leukemia.

“I just want people to help Ryder and others because I want to feel better,” said Tyson Washington, who hopes to find a blood sample for his brother.

How to help

To help and see if the match up, click here or email Racing4Ryder at 61474.

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