Metro Detroit activist expresses kindness to young man who broke into home

DETROIT – A community activist speaks out after someone breaks into their home.

Minister Teferi Brent is known for speaking out against violence in Detroit and has held “peace walks”.

“Young man broke into my house and tried to take some things with him. He didn’t get a lot. He just got a watch, ”said Brent.

Brent is a community leader, criminal reform activist, and pastor in the Fellowship Chapel. Brent said the slump happened on Thursday (Oct. 28).

“I just want to find the young brother before he breaks into someone’s house and is killed,” said Brent. “I want to find him. I want to put my arms around him. I want to wrap services around him. I have an army of black men ready to help this young brother. “

Brent said that was part of his job in Metro Detroit.

“Nobody is born a thief. Nobody wakes up or comes out of their mother’s womb and says, “I’m going to be a thief”, “I’m going to be a blast” or “I’m going to be a murderer”. This young man has obviously responded to the unfortunate circumstances and situations he may have grown up in, ”said Brent.


Brent said he didn’t use that as an excuse for why the young man broke into his house, but he believed in second chances.

“Somebody gave me a break. Somebody gave me a second chance. I want the same for this young man. We have to do justice differently, ”said Brent. “Locking people up, that won’t fix this thing.”

Brent would like to thank the Detroit Police Department for the quick response.

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