Matthew Boyd ok on Opening Day with room to improve

The Detroit Tigers greeted 8,000 fans Thursday afternoon when newly appointed manager AJ Hinch handed the ball to veteran left-handed Matthew Boyd. Detroit held on to beat the tribe 3-2.

30-year-old Boyd had the honor of winning baseball for the second straight year on the opening day of the Detroit Tigers. In his first kick against the can, the Tigers lost to the Cincinnati Reds 7-1.

Boyd had a terrible campaign in 2019, ending with a 3-7 record that posted a 6.71 ERA with 60.1 innings. Boyd also allowed a career height of 37% on hard hit balls, and nearly 11% was spiced up by the batsman, which was also a career height.

He also allowed 15 home runs last season and a whopping 45 earned runs in 2020.

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During his career, Boyd’s fastball typically hovers around 92 mph; He averaged 90 MPH on his heater on Thursday, but that could be due to sub-freezing temperatures. He throws the fastball about 50% of the time, followed by a variety of sliders nearly 30% of the time, and mixes in the change and a handful of curveballs. Yesterday Boyd made a slow turn at 67 mph; Maybe it was Boyd’s version of Eephus bad luck.

Boyd threw 5.2 innings for a total of 92 pitches without allowing a run; a good performance for his first start to the season.

The Detroit Tigers need Matthew Boyd to fix the ship in 2021.

Shane Bieber, the reigning Cy Young American League winner, received the Indians nod. Bieber only lost one game last season, but the Tigers have found a way to record three runs thanks to a first home run by Miguel Cabrera with two runs.

Bieber hit a whopping 12 Tigers’ hitters compared to Boyd’s two. The left-handed Tiger also went four rackets in the competition. Boyd needs to improve on that, but considering he only issued 22 free tickets in 12 starts last season, I hope this trend doesn’t continue.

Before the season started, Hinch mentioned that it was important for Boyd to start the season on the right foot. By making Boyd an opening day starter, his first two starts of the season could take place at home, and in the past, Hinch has stated that this was part of his decision in hopes that he would get into a rhythm before the Tigers kicked her first road trip of the season.

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The tigers and Indians meet again on Saturday afternoon in Comerica Park. Experienced right-hander Julio Tehran will make his first start in the organization and will be rejected by Zach Plesac. The first place is scheduled for 1:10 p.m.

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