Loved ones of man who died after downtown Grand Rapids assault hope for accountability

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Cody Dahlquist was a “pure soul” to Lindsay McIntyre.

The two had been together for about 18 months.

Dahlquist’s recent death following a reported September 5 attack in downtown Grand Rapids left McIntyre and Dahlquist’s family devastated in search of answers.

Not entirely sure what happened, McIntyre knows that a coroner classified the death as murder and believes Dahlquist was beaten. He died on September 22nd of a traumatic brain injury.

“This person must be held accountable,” McIntyre said on Thursday, October 7th.

She hopes Grand Rapids police can find out what happened when Dahlquist was injured in the 20 Monroe Live area around 1:15 a.m. on September 5th

The police were called there because a person was knocked unconscious after being attacked. By the time the officers arrived, Dahlquist was already conscious and was taken to a hospital.

But in the hours that followed, it began to deteriorate rapidly. He died a little over two weeks later.

McIntyre had been with Dahlquist on the evening of September 5th to celebrate a friend’s birthday. She went home because she had to work early the next day.

She later learned that he was in the hospital.

Dahlquist, who grew up in Coloma and lived in Kalamazoo, is not the type of person to start an argument, McIntyre said.

She described him as “sweet and respectful” as well as funny and outgoing.

Dahlquist had been with a group of mutual friends in late September, but at some point they all went their own way. He was in a bar with a friend of McIntyre’s and told the person he needed to go to the bathroom.

Dahlquist never returned to the friend.

McIntyre believes Dahlquist probably went outside to smoke a cigarette and then the trouble happened. None of their mutual friends were around at the time.

“Cody wouldn’t have approached anyone and started an argument,” she said.

Grand Rapids Police say they are still looking for witnesses to the incident and would like anyone with information or video to contact them at 616-456-3380 or anonymously through Silent Observer at 616-774-2345 or contacted.

Dahlquist’s father, John Dahlquist, rushed to the hospital after the injury and found his son still conscious, but his condition deteriorated rapidly. He was eventually placed in a medically induced coma to try to control the swelling of the brain.

He said his son was about to take up a job and work at the Kalamazoo apartment complex, where he has rented an apartment.

“He was a good boy and had a good heart. He was a free spirit, ”said John Dahlquist. “For his sisters he was like their rock.”

John Dahlquist believes his son likely hit his head on the sidewalk after he was hit as he had no other serious injuries.

Cody Dahlquist had previously had an operation on his left heel and a plaster cast was recently removed. His father wondered if his equilibrium was out of whack that night too.

A GoFundMe page created to help Cody Dahlquist’s mom with post-death expenses had raised $ 1,487 of the $ 500,000 goal at 1:50 p.m. on Friday, October 8.

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