Lobby floods at Cedar Place Apartments in Lansing

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – “They were telling us we had to evacuate out of the building because there was an emergency,” said Yvonne Sheppard.

Sheppard lives at Cedar Place apartments.

She woke up to alarms and a lobby filled with water.

“When I came downstairs it was kind of scary because that water was coming out the building, the water was coming out the building, the water was all on the floor and it didn’t look good for us, it didn’t look very good for us,” Sheppard said.

Officials at rose community management who own the complex say a water line broke.

So they had to shut the system down temporarily.

The water even flowed into the elevators forcing workers to shut them down.

They left some wheelchair-bound residents stuck in place, while other older residents struggled up and down stairs.

“If you are up on the eighth floor I don’t think you want to walk that far, but that’s kind of high to walk up on the eighth floor if you’re over 60 years old… But things happened because of the age of the building,” Sheppard said.

Lansing firefighters showed up to investigate while cleaning crews worked to dry the soaked lobby area.

This isn’t the first time Cedar Place has had issues.

Earlier this month part of the roof was torn off by high winds.

Sheppard says while the staff works hard to fix the issues, she hopes more problems don’t pop up.

“As far as it happening again it shouldn’t, but you never know, you never know with our building. You never know.”

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