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Honor past promises

I confess I cannot understand why the Grand Traverse County commissioners did not joyfully participate in the design and construction of a new senior citizen center that will replace the current abomination on the bay as they agreed in 2018.

With the number of seniors growing at a rate that surpasses all other populations, and our community’s reputation as one of the premier retirement institutions in the United States, it makes sense to do our best with a center that is at least on par with other centers in the state. What better way to serve than to build the senior citizen center they promised so long ago and validate Grand Traverse County as the best place to live and retire as compared to other places?

I agree that after more than 20 years of effort and recent promises by the board that have been forgotten or shamefully disregarded, there is no longer any patience.

The angry demands for the removal of board members are understandable. The Board of Commissioners has a duty to this community to get involved and build the center they promised in the City by the Bay parkland, the only place that tells the world that seniors are honored here.

Robert Steadman

Cross the city

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