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Don’t seal the solution

Three megabanks are being built in the city center. None of them have parking spaces for their customers or employees. All are built along the Boardman River and affect the river environment. The city’s taxpayers are paying for a parking garage to accommodate the relentless overdevelopment of our inner city.

Another Albatros, a 60-foot apartment complex in the riverside warehouse district, is being built that will dominate everything around it. Downtown Development Authority plans for another mega apartment complex on the Boardman next to the already huge existing bank are in preparation.

The appeal and atmosphere of our city are being destroyed by the false assumption that the density in the inner city and in our neighborhoods will solve the housing problem in Traverse City and prevent urban sprawl.

With all of the expensive, high-rise condos and rampant development sponsored by the DDA and some members of our city government, we are damaging the environment people experience when visiting Traverse City.

Increasing traffic and additional residential units that are being built with existing houses on individual plots are making our neighborhoods even less liveable.

You cannot regain something that you thoughtlessly wasted and lost.

John McDonald

Traverse City

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