Employee of a garbage truck in Lansing saves dog lives

Let’s start the weekend with a Friday feel-good story. The saying goes that a dog is man’s best friend. In this case, you can say that a man is the dog’s best friend. MLive reports on exactly this story. A man who worked for Granger Waste Services went about his day running through his commercial garbage route and got a surprise at the end of that route.

That surprise was a little white dog that somehow ended up in his garbage truck and was still alive. When he dumped his load, he noticed the dog in the trash.

The Capital Area Human Society stated:

“It is almost unbelievable that she survived the transfer from a dumpster to a garbage truck and then the journey and the unloading … Without his sharp eye, she would certainly have suffered a terrible fate.”

According to a Facebook post from the Capital Area Human Society:

“Her condition has improved from guarded to stable and is expected to recover fully … We want to send a heartfelt thank you to her Savior who really saved her life.”

Does the story end with the man adopting the dog, doesn’t it? Ingham County’s Animal Control has custody of the dog while investigating how the dog ended up in the garbage truck. My thought is that the dog was rummaging around in a commercial dumpster and the truck came. Or the more depressing thought is that someone placed the commercial dog litter bin.

If you have any information on this case, the district is soliciting animal cruelty in Ingah which you can contact at 517-676-8370 extension 1 or email [email protected]

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