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Keep her on a leash

Last week I was stopped at an intersection in downtown Traverse City. When the walking symbol indicated that it was safe to cross, a woman and her dog entered the zebra crossing. When she called her dog, it quickly heeled next to her – unleashed. At that moment, two feelings overwhelmed me: admiration that the dog was so well behaved that she didn’t need him on a leash, but then the despair that the dog was not on a leash.

It would be great if all dog owners had such well behaved pets, but if a squirrel or cat ran in sight of the dog, wouldn’t it be possible for the dog to race into traffic afterward? Accidents happen. And a lot of people are really scared of dogs. Getting past an unleashed dog scares him unnecessarily. For all of us who love dogs, please keep your dogs on leashes in the city.

Douglas Iseri

Cross the city

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