Lansings Neogen offers a free food production facility monitoring program

Neogen Corp. makes its environmental monitoring program available to food and beverage manufacturers free of charge for one year. // Photo in stock

Lansing-based Neogen Corp., which develops food and animal safety products, makes its Neogen Analytics environmental monitoring program available to qualified food and beverage manufacturers free of charge for one year.

The program aims to reduce risk by improving access to and visibility of the results of food safety tests. It enables remote monitoring of processing plant locations, centralizes environmental test data, automates compliance and compliance reporting, and improves food safety and quality for food companies and customers.

Customer needs during COVID-19, demands for greater transparency about food safety, and initiatives such as the US Food and Drug Administration’s draft for a new era of smarter food safety all point to increasing expectations and rules by which companies must implement programs .

“COVID-19 has accelerated the food industry’s movement toward its goal of automating and centralizing data collection for instant visibility and response,” said John Adent, President and CEO of Neogen.

“The industry disruption over the past 12 months has made it even more important to move away from manual safety and quality monitoring and adopt intelligent platforms that provide insight into all of a company’s facilities, whether around the block or around the Globe.”

The program eliminates manual data entry and reduces the risk of delays or errors. The solution also automates test and response workflows, analyzes laboratory diagnostic data, and generates real-time alerts and management reports. Processes and documentation data are immediately available to auditors and inspectors.

According to Neogen, general benefits of the program include lower food risk, improved efficiency, and better food quality consistency. Neogen waives the license fee for the program’s workflow automation module for a period of one year. During this time, the platform will be fully supported. No commitment is required.

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