Lansing Schools Board approves upgrades for multiple schools

LANSING, Michigan (WILX) – The Lansing Schools Board has approved upgrades for some Lansing schools. These repairs have been given a higher priority in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Among the approved upgrades were some much-needed repairs and security upgrades in some schools.

Board member Missy Lilje explained the challenges the Lansing Schools faced. “Things like big potholes in parking lots, roofs that should soon become a problem, old boiler and cooling systems, dirty ventilation systems,” said Lilje. “We had to update these things, and then with COVID it got even more important.”

Lilje explained that the money used comes from bonds they have received that are specific to these type of needs.

“Sometimes people say, ‘Why don’t we pay our teachers enough? Why can’t we use the money? ‘Well, because it is illegal to use this money for teachers,’ said Lilje. “This money has to be spent on institutions. We’re so grateful to the community that they overwhelmingly approved the last two bonds we asked for. “

When deciding how to use the money, security and protection were paramount.

Lilje said: “There are things that, if you let them go, get more and more expensive while you wait. So these things were high on the priority list. But in any case, security and protection were the A-1 points. The last bond was really all about that. “

Approximately $ 1.5 million of the school district’s bonds will be used for the projects.

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