Lansing Catholic fires a person responsible for publishing the KKK picture

LANSING, Michigan (WLNS) – Lansing Catholic High School announced today that it has fired the person responsible for publishing the picture of a person in KKK clothing from their 1979 yearbook.

“While we believe this was not a premeditated act, it was a grave error of judgment that prevented this person from continuing in a position bearing such responsibility. As a result, this person’s employment with Lansing Catholic has been terminated effective today, ”LCHS President Dominic Iocco said in a statement.

The person was put on administrative leave on the day the photo was published.

Iocco also said that after further investigation, it appears that only the person who posted the picture was involved.

Iocco apologized for the post that was being made under his surveillance.

“The picture is old, but the wounds it opens are fresh,” said Iocco. “I am very sorry that this picture was shared under my guidance, and I am sorry that, no matter how long it was, one of our students would choose to dress in clothes of hatred.”

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