Lansing Area Towns as these 10 horror movie tropes

Now that the scary season officially started on October 1st, it’s time for horror movies!

Not that I need a reason … I love a good slasher flick! You have just enough jump scares and mystery to grab my attention.

However, they can be a little predictable at times … the feeling that something (or someone) is behind you and when you look they are not there; or the fact that when you’re a teenager and doing something “bad” you pretty much signed your own death certificate. And there are tons of other horror movie “rules” too; Just ask Jamie Kennedy’s character Jamie from Scream. There’s an entire scene where Jamie, the movie-loving character in the film, explains what you can and can’t do in a horror movie … and it’s a lot. Check it out below.

But despite these stereotypes, we all keep watching these scary movies over and over again and yelling at the character who is walking in the wrong direction and is about to be killed.

That got me thinking … could I survive a horror movie? Or would I just be another stereotypical character roughly half killed? Could LANSING survive a horror film? And if so, what character would Lansing be?

If you’re looking to find out what classic horror movie character your town is, check out the gallery below. Hey, at least you’ll find out if you would survive a horror movie or not.

Lansing Area Towns as 10 Horror Movie Tropes

Not everyone makes it out of a horror movie alive, and not every city would too. Do you think your city has what it takes to make it to the end? Or will you pass the killer before the credits roll?

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