It’s time to part ways with safety Will Harris

It’s time for the Detroit Lions to part ways with Will Harris.

If Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes refuses to drop another defender just days after splitting up with veteran linebacker Jamie Collins to free up playtime for rookie Derrick Barnes and Jalen Reeves-Maybin, head coach Dan Campbell Harris has to at least bet on the bench.

Reeves-Maybin had been an excellent contributor to specialty teams for the Detroit Lions, but nothing more than a deep linebacker on former head coach Matt Patricia’s plan. But in Aaron Glenn’s defense, the sporty Reeves-Maybin has started alongside Alex Anzalone since Collins left.

Next on the Detroit Lions list should be Will Harris, who was relegated.

According to Pro Football Focus (PFF), Harris started the day on Sunday as the second worst security in the league. After his performance against the Bears, he will undoubtedly become the worst-rated security guard in the NFL.

On Sunday, Harris retained a terrible overall rating of 34.6 with a gruesome rating of 37.0 in coverage.

The 25-year-old had one of the worst streaks a player can have in the first half of Sunday’s competition against Chicago. Harris couldn’t help Bobby Price with the coverage. The Lions played cover two, expecting Harris to help with the deep coverage but failing to read the double move Darnell Mooney made against Price. The piece went for 64 yards.

A few games later, Harris had a pearl on the crawling Justin Fields; in the worst case, Harris Fields should have limited it to a minimal out-of-bounds profit. Instead, Harris failed to attack Fields’ right shoulder as he climbed to the right, and either to force the rookie beeper back into the house, where Detroit had an abundance of help with chasing to force a slide. Harris took a terrible angle and allowed Fields to blow past him for a substantial profit.

Then, just a few games later, Harris was run over by David Montgomery, who seemed to carry every Lion on the field into the end zone.

The Detroit Lions took Harris 81st in the third round of the 2019 NFL Draft, it seems he’s just another Lions bust, and I can’t imagine this Detroit regime staying stubborn and continuing to play players, that hinder the organization.

Harris is not a capable launch protection. While Tracy Walker seeks to gain a foothold on a professional level, Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell must find a reliable competitor for Walker before his confidence is crushed.

Walker was also a third-round selection of the Detroit Lions, selected with the 82nd pick in 2018. Walker took an overall grade of 72.4 on Sunday’s tilt with the Chicago Bears.

The Detroit Lions will likely continue to spin players at the security position. Still, they should consider bringing Walker into transitional situations alongside Dean Marlowe or even Daryl Worley.

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