Interlochen man arraigned for assault with intent to murder | Local News

TRAVERSE CITY – A man from Interlochen accused of stabbing his neighbor during a traffic incident in a neighborhood on the west side of Silver Lake has been charged with assault and murder.

Judge Tammi Rodgers of the 86th District Court charged Anthony Richard Kucera III, 24, with a crime on April 15th. He is accused of repeatedly stabbing a neighbor in a residential area in Garfield Township just before 4 p.m. on April 13.

A conviction for the crime leads to a possible life imprisonment.

Kucera is charged with stabbing a 30-year-old man along Alice Lane after they disapproved of their respective vehicles, according to court documents.

Grand Traverse County’s sheriff Chris Oosse said Kucera and the man he is accused of stabbing did not know each other. Neither of them said there had been any threats or attacks between them in the past, the lieutenant said.

“The victim was only familiar with the suspect when he saw him in the neighborhood as they drove past the house,” Oosse said. “He only knew him by face and place, nor did they know the names of the others.”

The older man followed the suspect and Kucera got out of his vehicle at a stop sign, approached the man and stabbed him with a jackknife through the open vehicle window, the authorities said.

Court records show the man who was stabbed returned to his home and collapsed in the yard while on the phone with a 911 dispatcher.

The sheriff’s deputies provided first aid to the man until rescue workers arrived and took him to Munson Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.

Doctors took him to surgery to treat his wounds, including multiple stitches on his face and abdomen. This resulted in an affidavit that is likely to be on file with the court.

According to official sources, Kucera was found and arrested within minutes of the knife stab.

Defense attorney Matthew Connolly of the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission represented Kucera during the trial last week. He could not be reached for comment.

No public defense attorney has filed an application for Kucera yet, confirmed Carol Stocking, district court administrator.

Rodgers set Kucera’s bond at $ 50,000 under conditions such as house arrest and GPS tethered surveillance, court records show.

A bail bondman on Monday issued the required 10 percent bond for Kucera and was released from Grand Traverse County Jail in Traverse City.

Kucera is only allowed to leave home for work, doctor, court, or lawyer appointments that have been reviewed by investigative service officers. He must also be at least 500 meters from his neighbor’s home and work and must not consume drugs or alcohol, as evidenced by court records.

Oosse said the case would be referred to Grand Traverse County Prosecutor Noelle Moeggenberg soon after the reports were retyped by investigators.

Kucera will receive a hearing on a possible cause by April 28th and will reappear in the district court on May 5th for a preliminary examination.

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