Huron star kicker Adam Samaha appreciates sharing his success with his father as a coach

ANN ARBOR – Waleed Samaha is known for what he can do as a coach on the basketball sideline, but he’ll be the first to tell you he has no idea about being a kicker on the soccer field.

While not a foosball guru, Ann Arbor Huron’s chief basketball coach and assistant coach is doing everything he can to help his son Adam achieve his next level foosball dream.

Considered one of the top kickers in the country by Kornblue Kicking and Kohl’s Kicking websites, which rank kicker, Adam has already received an offer from the University of Michigan, with interest in other Division I programs growing.

Adam said that sharing his success with his father makes his path to becoming a Division I athlete even more enjoyable.

“It’s a pleasure,” he said. “He’s a really great coach. (He has) a lot of knowledge, so I like to learn from him on the sidelines. It’s a great experience. “

Even if Waleed can’t help Adam from a technical point of view, he’s doing his best to prepare him for the moment when he needs to perform.

“I don’t know the first, second or last about kicking,” said Waleed during Huron’s practice on Monday. “I’m just trying to support him and I’m trying to help him on the mental side. When you kick, you practice for hours for a game that lasts three seconds, so you have to dial in at the moment and everything before and after the moment has to be faded out.

“So I’m trying to help him mentally prepare what it takes to compete right now, and that’s where I can help him most.”

The father-son duo have spent countless hours practicing kicks, traveling to kicking camps across the country, and bonding in a game that both love and that paid off both on and off the field.

“I try not to stand in the way of his development, to enjoy his experience, especially out here, I try to avoid and support him,” said Waleed during training on Monday. “Father-son time is priceless,” said Waleed. “But we do that on the golf course, we do that at home while watching movies and with our grandparents. The father-son time is very important to us. The activity is secondary. “

Adam, a 6-foot, 165-pound junior, has been instrumental in Huron’s 4-1 start this season, giving the River Rats an edge in an area of ​​the game where most high school teams struggle.

The junior specialist nailed 4 of 5 field goals with a length of 42 yards, scored an additional 16 of 16 extra points and 19 touchbacks at kickoffs.

Waleed played quarterback for Huron in the late 1980s and became one of the state’s top basketball coaches, leading the River Rats to two state finals and multiple conference titles and over 20 season wins.

The experiences he gained both on the sidelines on the pitch and on the field helped him develop a deeper bond with his son in athletics.

“I’ve been a coach longer than a father,” said Waleed. “But I also tried to be a father to all of the players I coached, so I got a lot of practice before he came into the game, but it was a pleasure.”

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