Best places to pick apples in the Lansing area this fall

It has been apple season for a while here in Michigan, but fall is the best time to pick apples. It also makes for some aesthetic Instagram posts if you’re into that too.

Here in Lansing you can buy apples, cider, donuts and even pumpkins in a few places.

We’ve put together places that can be a 10-minute drive or even an hour away for you. Sometimes the best things in life aren’t as close as you would always want them to be. You can also create family memories and try more than just apples on a long drive.

Check out the places to visit near you below:

Best places to pick apples in the Lansing area this fall

Eating healthy isn’t always fun. However, it could be a little more fun if you go out and pick the fruits yourself? Check out these places to pick apples yourself to nibble on this fall.

Which apple variety do you like best? Are you inclined to something sweeter or sour?

Have you ever been to one of these orchards? Let us know what you think.

Michigan is the third largest in the nation for growing and producing apples, so there is no shortage of places to buy and collect apples. Instead of buying apples from this large retail store, you might want to go to your local farmers market.

You are not only supporting your local farmer when you buy local produce. But you also support your local community.

Best Places for Cider and Donuts in the Mid-Michigan Area

You can’t tell me that you are not a fan of cider and donuts. It’s a fall tradition here in Michigan. In all honesty, if I’m honest, it’s a winter tradition too. Although we could have included large corporate chains on this list, we decided to only stay local. Don’t forget to support your local farmers!

Where to pick pumpkins in the greater Lansing area this fall

See, you can get these at a store, but it’s just not the same. You would also support local farmers.

Places to visit in Jackson this fall

Lansing is great for fall, but let’s not forget our southern neighbors. Here are a few things to do in Jackson this fall!

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