Horsepower Helps with Heavy Lifting of Piano on Mackinac Island

If you’ve been to Mackinac Island before, you know that very rarely do you see cars drive around. This also applies to horse drawn pianists.

An unusual shipment hit the island recently and it took some extra horsepower to make it happen. Evola Music in Traverse City delivered a grand piano to the island last week for the Mackinac Center for the Arts and Mission Point Theater.

The historic theater was built in 1955 and hosts many concerts and musical theater productions – but they have been trying to get a grand piano for years. Philip Rice is the program director for the Mackinac Arts Council. He says, “We found a really good deal on a great Yahama from Evola in Traverse City. We have a really great concert for the summer when we needed a grand piano. And … I promised them that there would be a grand piano in the theater for the concert, even though there wasn’t one. So it made it hard for us to find one. But it worked perfectly. “

Piano island 3Luckily Reis says that Evola has already delivered to the island. And with the help of the horses it finally happened. “It goes all the way to the dock and at that point the city ordinance comes into effect and you cannot drive off the dock. Then comes a horse lift … the horses are much more patient than the people actually. “

“It was fun to see how it went down the street. There were four arcade games with the same load. You never know what you will see on Main Street on Mackinac Island. I got a lot of funny looks from people walking down the street, ”says Rice.Piano island 4

The concert on August 16 is called “Mackinac Keys”. The joint concert will include a trio from Texas and an artist from Julliard School in New York City. For further information, click here.

Photos and videos courtesy of Philip Rice / Mackinac Arts Council

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