Grand Rapids manufacturer seeking tax break for addition, anticipates creating 54 jobs

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – A manufacturer of Grand Rapids is seeking a tax break to create additional manufacturing space that is expected to create 54 new full-time positions.

Blackmer designs and manufactures rotary vane pumps for a wide variety of industries as well as compressors and centrifugal pumps.

Blackmer is seeking tax exemption to build a 48,000 square foot dormant foundry building on 1809 Century Ave. SW to be demolished and additional production areas with an area of ​​55,000 square meters to be built in its place.

The tax break, known as the Industrial Plant Exemption Certificate, is currently under scrutiny by Grand Rapids guides. The Grand Rapids City Commission will be reviewing it on April 27 for final approval.

If approved, the exemption would be valid for 12 years and would reduce the amount of new taxes Blackmer pays as a result of the increase from about $ 129,925 per year to $ 72,369.

Of the exempt taxes, approximately $ 10,800 would be lost in city taxes. However, the anticipated hiring of 54 new employees due to the growth is expected to earn the city new income taxes of approximately $ 34,000 annually.

Blackmer has 236 employees on site and anticipates hiring 54 new full-time employees upon completion of the project. The average wage is $ 30.42 per hour with benefits.

The total investment in the project is approximately USD 7.4 million. As part of the project, the company is providing $ 750,000 for the city’s inclusion plan.

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