Grand Traverse Academy students donate more than $6,000 to Cherryland Humane Society | News

TRAVERSE CITY – Four years of roller coaster ride fundraiser and a trip to Chicago went idle for nearly a year.

Now the more than $ 6,100.00 have found a new home in a place where animals can find their new home.

Courtney Myers, a representative of the now graduate class of 2020 at Grand Traverse Academy, presented a check for $ 6,109 to the Cherryland Humane Society in Traverse City on Monday. Cherryland executive director Heidi Yates said the donation could not have come at a better time. The money will be used to buy larger kennels as kitten season approaches.

“This donation will definitely make it possible,” said Yates. “That came from something you worked so hard for. We were speechless, to be honest.”

Myers and her classmates had to forego their senior trip due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the shutdowns that followed.

Visits to Six Flags Great America and museums, as well as sightseeing in Chicago, were as good as paid for. Once it became clear that these plans were going to be dashed, the students hoped the pandemic would pass in a few months and the money could be used for something else to celebrate their high school careers.

But that wasn’t on the cards either.

The seniors were “pretty baffled” because they canceled the trip, Myers said. But her love for animals provided an opportunity to help

“Our plans just didn’t work out, which is fine,” Myers said. “It turned out that we could give the money to a place where we earned it.”

Cherryland employees had no idea how much the donation would be. The $ 6,000 came as a shock, Yates said.

“They feel awful because these kids had to change things and give things up because of COVID,” she said. “But they worked so hard and donated it to us. It’s just wonderful.”

The victim showed the character of the students, said GTA director Michelle Floering. These are the traits that GTA staff would like to see in everyone who comes through school.

The unselfishness did not surprise Floering.

“I know these students and I know their hearts,” she said. “Your hearts should really help others.”

Many of the seniors have volunteered in Cherryland since they were teenagers, even making toys for the animals waiting to be adopted.

Krina Riebschleger, also a senior at GTA, said the donation was child’s play. The $ 6,109 was the sum of all fundraisers from year one to last.

“We all knew it was a lot of money,” said Riebschleger. “Many of us know that this will have a huge impact on humane society. That’s why we went in that direction.”

Myers tried to persuade her father to bring one of the dogs home, but she was unsuccessful – at least so far. She said she was excited to hand over the check and see her reaction to the amount.

“It makes up for the balance of our senior trip,” Myers said. “Many of us were happy to do that.”

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